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Galatasaray Club Vice President Ali Polat Bengiserp and Getir Chairman and Founding Partner Tuncay Tütek attended the sponsorship agreement signing ceremony held at Türk Telekom Stadium. Making a statement here, Bengiserp said that the agreement is valid for the next season. They signed a very special cooperation. Bengiserp said, “As Galatasaray management, we see our sponsors above the organizations that provide financial support only for a certain period of time. Being on the most well-known Turkish sports brand in the world will hopefully add value to Getir. I would like to thank Getir for their valuable support within the scope of this project. ” Tuncay Tütek, on the other hand, emphasized that they established Getir in 2015 and said: “Sports is a branch that unites and embraces societies. Football is very dynamic for this as well. Our investments in football have started in the last few years and continue to increase here. There is a special place here. Galatasaray is one of the most established clubs, it has millions of fans. We are a club that has achieved high-quality success in Europe. Partnering with Galatasaray makes us proud. I wish this season to be beneficial to Galatasaray and Turkish football and to continue our partnership. “

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