Aytemiz Alanyaspor, one of the Spor Toto Super League teams, has published a statement on its official website.

The following statements were included in the text:

“As Aytemiz Alanyaspor Club, we are watching with concern the systematic, deliberate, conscious explanations and efforts that have been made on the refereeing community in the last period, to the point of destroying the referees.

In the last period, we have been constantly observing that the desire of some clubs to go back to the past, where every way is considered permissible to get results such as winning free penalties, scoring offside goals, skipping red cards. For this reason, we see with regret that after each match, a referee is demanded to blow his whistle, the Central Arbitration Committees are asked to be changed, and the TFF administration is constantly being left in a difficult situation. This situation affects the referees and causes us to go to the games of Anatolian clubs with anxiety in the next match.

As clubs, if we are going to make a contribution to eliminating the malfunctions in the system, we can do it by sitting at the table. We cannot achieve this by blaming the Turkish Football Federation, the Central Arbitration Board and the referees after every match. Of course, as clubs, we have to defend our rights, and we will. If we are going to make a statement about the TFF and the referees, we should express it in a level and calm manner, in a timely manner.

In our opinion, TFF and MHK should also come out and make statements that will bring light to the issues without fear and hesitation, and should stand behind the boards, especially the referees, especially the MHK. The unsuccessful ones should also give way at the beginning of the season and between the half time, within the framework of respect and love.

As clubs, if we want to increase our brand value, move football forward, and move the refereeing institution forward, we should discuss the system, not the people. We should not discuss people and then appear in front of the screen and pretend that we are discussing the system. This will gain us nothing.

As a club, we are ready to contribute to Turkish football in every sense.”

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