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Konyaspor, which was a guest of GZT Giresunspor in the 5th week of the Super League, left the match with a goalless draw. Technical Director İlhan Palut stated that they saw the aggressiveness of Giresunspor on the field, but they did not give a chance in terms of clear position. Palut gave the following statements: “We started well. There was a league. We came to Giresun in order to continue this in the first 4-game period. On the contrary, Giresunspor had a negative period for the first 4 matches. We knew that our opponent would also want to react to this on their own court. They have to stop this somewhere. My team played well overall. At the beginning of both halves, we had the dominance of the game. But after the middle of the half, we saw the aggressiveness of Giresunspor that I mentioned on the field. But we did not give Giresunspor a chance in terms of net position. This was a positive for us defensively, but negatively we were below our own offensive standard, our own pass count, our third zone attempts to enter the penalty area. As a result, if we look at the game we played, it was a balanced match, I think the result here is 1 point. There are now weekday matches. We will start preparations for Trabzonspor quickly.”

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