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A National Men’s Basketball Team lost 81-63 to Greece in the semi-final match of the FIBA ​​Olympic Qualification tournament held in Canada.

Just after the match, Cedi Osman made statements about the fight.


Cedi Osman, in his statements right after the match, “The Olympics was our biggest dream, we wanted so much, we believed so much, we worked hard… But it didn’t happen. You got up in the middle of the night and supported us on the screen; our goal was to make you feel that happiness, we couldn’t. How happy we are in success. I always believe that if we take our share, we should take responsibility for failure. I apologize for not being able to give you this happiness on my own behalf, let me know your rights.” said.

Osman, who wants the Turkish people to continue to believe in the team, said, “A new generation with a lot of talent and character is growing up. I know that we will achieve great successes together. Keep believing in this team. Know that every country in the country that wears this glorious jersey.” The young man will continue to fight until the last drop of his sweat.”

The failure of the national team to obtain an Olympic visa caused reactions on social media. Cedi Osman, unable to withstand the intense reactions, closed his accounts.

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