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Manchester City Manager Pep Guardiola spoke for the first time about his departure from Manchester City.

The Spanish coach announced that he will leave City in 2023 and will coach a national team.

WILL GIVE Bye in 2023

The 50-year-old coach, while making statements to the ESPN television channel broadcasting in Brazil, said that he will take a break from his club career after his contract with City will expire at the end of 2022-23.

Guardiola, who came to City in 2016 and won 3 league titles with his English team, said: “After 7 years with this team, I think I should stop. I’ll take a break and see what happens. I have to stop and learn from other coaches. According to him, I can coach a team that plays in South America, Europe or Copa America. I want to experience that.”


Winning 3 league championships with City, as well as the Federation Cup and four league cups in a row, Guardiola said “If possible, the next stop will be the national team’.

Pep Guardiola, who previously won three league titles in Bayern Munich and Barcelona, ​​took a one-year break from coaching in 2012, when he left Barcelona, ​​then took over at Bayern Munich. Guardiola won the 1992 European Cup together with 6 league titles during his acting period in Barcelona. Guardiola, who played 47 times for the Spanish National Team, scored 5 goals.

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