Züleyha Schumacher, a Turkish citizen living in Germany, bought a land of 16,670 square meters for investment in 2012 in Selçuklu district of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Schumacher later learned that approximately 13 thousand square meters of the land was used as roads. Thereupon, he filed a location determination case with the 4th Civil Court of First Instance through his lawyer Tevfik Buğdaycı. As a result of the lawsuit, it was determined that the area of ​​the land was approximately 13 thousand square meters, with 3 outgoing and 3 incoming roads. Schumacher, on 30 August Prof. Dr. He put a sign saying ‘This street has been closed because we have deeded land’ on the section of Ahmet Ayhan Street where his land is located, and closed it to transportation by pouring strips and sand. The closed road was reopened to traffic with the decision taken by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.


Schumacher filed a criminal complaint against the prosecutor, who ordered the opening of the road through his lawyer Tevfik Buğdaycı, on the charge of ‘abuse of office’.

Indicating that no one in the Turkish legal system can use a state authority that does not derive its source from the law, Buğdaycı said:

“As soon as our client’s real estate was violated, peace talks were held and the metropolitan municipality was requested to be expropriated by meeting with the lawyers who have duty and authority in the municipality. When the negotiations did not yield any results, a petition was written to the Konya Governor’s Office to close the road and take precautions in order to protect the sacred property right. Governorship Although the police sent our letter to the metropolitan municipality, there was no result. Thereupon, our client’s borders were closed with necessary precautions and warning signs without damaging the road by placing physical barriers. And yet, the road was reopened with the verbal instruction of the prosecutor on duty. First of all, there is no crime. There is no crime that concerns the prosecutor and the police. “There is no such situation. No one in the Turkish legal system can use a state authority that does not derive its source from the law. Therefore, we have filed a criminal complaint with the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor for ‘abuse of office’.”


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