It was alleged that the imam of the mosque, Ö.T., who was working in the Taşçılar District of the Çameli district, told the congregation and the people of the neighborhood that vaccination is haram and that they should not be. The imam, who allegedly said he did not believe in the virus, was suspended by the Çameli District Governor’s Office as part of the investigation.

Making a statement on the subject, Mehmet Aşık, Mufti of Denizli, stated that he and his family had the 3rd dose of vaccines, and said:

“From the date of vaccination in our country, we inform our people at the end of the sermons and sermons that it is both a religious and a civic duty to have them vaccinated. The necessary announcement and encouragement for the participation of all our religious officials in the vaccination campaign initiated by our Presidency and the Health Science Board, and the participation of the mosque community. We are expressing the issue of doing it.”


New requirement for imams!


Statement about Mustafa Demirkan from Diyanet


Heartbreaking image!

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