The images of an animal lover’s revolt in Tekirdağ became the agenda on social media with the tag of Department 16. Özay Kaya in the video and her daughter Ayça Kaya, who took the recording, spoke.

Making a brief assessment of the process and explaining how the reaction video came about, Özay Kaya said, “The event has a past. About 2 years ago, when the stray dog, which we call foam, was not holding its hind legs, we saw it in the park and after a 3-month struggle, this stray dog ​​showed interest not only in us but also in the whole neighborhood with treatments, nutrition and care. Everyone took care of all kinds of dogs by giving leftover food from their home and taking food, not just me. I just became the spokesperson for those who did it. After establishing an emotional bond in this way, I expressed my reaction as a result of the desire to get it from here naturally, the decision to seek shelter, the municipality, and the decision to have it removed from here, from the apartment management. Because if you notice, the kennel of our dog named Foam is outside the apartment. According to the law, parks and gardens were accepted as natural habitats of stray animals. No one can take him to the shelter if he is not harming or disturbing anyone, including the apartment management. That’s why I reacted in this way in response to the treatment of stray animals in this way.”

Saying that it was my daughter who took me out, Özay Kaya said, “After hearing that such a decision was taken, my daughter started to cry. Anyone who is a father, mother, or human-loving person understands this. In the video, I already said that everywhere is ours. We live in huge apartments. No one can do this to a stray animal living in a one square meter cottage. We do not own everything. We live with all living things. With cats, with dogs, with plants, with trees, this world is ours. It’s not just ours,” he said.

Özay Kaya also said, “The reactions were very positive. Of course, there are 5 percent of them, and I agree with them who have been harmed by stray animals. It’s not the stray animals that I’m talking about. It saddens me that such reactions to dogs that are harmless to anyone, have a kennel, are cared for and vaccinated, are my reaction to this.”


As for Ayça Kaya, the daughter of Özay Kaya, who took the images and shared them on her social media account, all I could do was not only look at them but also let people know and make our voice heard. It’s not just a problem in our apartment, it’s a problem experienced all over Turkey. I wanted to announce that this is no longer a problem but a part of our lives. I hope my voice was heard. Thank you to everyone who supported.”

Tens of thousands of likes and comments came to the reaction video, which became one of the most watched videos on social media in a short time.

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