Fenerbahçe wants to make an ambitious start in the Super League in the new season. He parted ways with some names and continued with some names. It is getting closer to realizing this claim by making new transfers.

Alexander Sörloth, who was the top scorer in the Super League with Trabzonspor jersey the previous season and left the Black Sea team and went to Leipzig, also entered Fenerbahçe’s radar.

After the news that Sörloth would leave Leipzig, the yellow-dark blue people started negotiations without wasting time.

While discussing whether Alexander Sörloth will come to Fenerbahçe, a surprising development occurred. Sörloth’s father, Goran Sörloth, made a statement about his son.

Goran Sörloth told the press,“My son wants to leave Leipzig. Of course he has a contract, but this is a process, just like he came to Leipzig from Trabzonspor last year. We hear the names of many high-quality clubs in the transfer. “Nagelsmann was the young coach who had specific plans for every game. But I think it’s incredible that when a striker scores two goals, he wasn’t allowed to play in the next game.”
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