There are hot developments regarding the re-transfer of Gedson Fernandes, who played on loan in Galatasaray in the second half of last season and wanted to be transferred with his testimonial this season.

Despite making many reinforcements to the midfield area, the Portuguese team’s opinion of Gedson Fernandes, who declared to Galatasaray Club “We want to keep the player in our squad”, changed immediately after the 22-year-old’s desire to leave.

The Portuguese football player, who could not find a chance in the last matches of Benfica, also stated that he wanted to be transferred to Galatasaray by talking to the management, while burning the ships.


It has been learned that the Portuguese team is planning to approve the transfer directly with a testimonial instead of renting the young midfielder, who can only take 7 minutes in the last 3 matches in the Champions League and the league.

It has been learned that, following this development, the yellow-red people, who continued their contact, revised their offer to the Benfica Club for a total of 10 million euros, including a lease of 2 million euros and a purchase option of 8 million euros. It turned out that Galatasaray offered 10 million euros directly to Benfica in order to get Gedson Fernandes’ testimonial.


While it was stated that Benfica wanted a transfer fee of 12.5 million euros for the Portuguese football player, it was stated that the yellow and red people were considering extending Gedson’s transfer fee to 11 million euros, as in the examples of Victor Nelsson and Alexandru Cicaldau.

It was stated that Gedson Fernandes, who wants to play in Galatasaray, is now waiting for the agreement of the two clubs.

Gedson, whom coach Fatih Terim wanted to see in the squad, played in 18 matches in Galatasaray, where he was on loan at halftime last season, played with 1 goal, 3 assists and was appreciated with his football.

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