By the Officer-Sen Confederation at the ‘6. A rally was held for the ‘Semester Collective Agreement Negotiations’. Approximately 15,000 civil servants, who came to Ankara from many different points of Turkey, expressed their demands for a collective agreement. Addressing the civil servants and the public employers committee that filled the square, Officer-Sen Chairman Ali Yalçın said, “We are the servants of our country with our authorized unions in 11 service branches. We are public workers. We are servants of Turkey with the sweat of our mind, sweat and ideas. To the public employer committee, we are a strong Turkey.” We say come with an offer equipped with the figures of Turkey, the rates of the new Turkey and the rights of the great Turkey.”


Emphasizing that the last 3 days have been reached in the negotiations, Yalçın stated that he wanted to get up from the table by reconciliation and continued his words as follows:

“Today we gathered in Anadolu Square to express what we do not accept, to repeat our expectations, to shout our expectation of a new and fair offer to the public employer with the organized power of labor. 3 days is not a short time. There is no need to wait for the last day, the last moment. The job is not difficult, actually, it’s easy. It’s enough for him to offer us what is right, fair and what is right. fulfillment.”

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