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In the 3rd week of the Super League, Adana Demirspor drew 1-1 with İttifak Holding Konyaspor at home. Making statements to the press after the match, Adana Demirspor Technical Director Samet Aybaba emphasized that they played a good game.

Indicating that the team played a competitive and enthusiastic game, Aybaba said, “We have problems in fast exits, we can’t handle it. If we could show our skills about finishing in very fast attacks, we could get a more different result. The team against us is very serious, in 2 matches. A team that scored 6 points.

We started to think about how we can handle this simple goal conceding issue. We conceded very simple goals in 3 games. We will work on them. This national break will be very good for us. We have players who came yesterday, last week and 15 days ago. I believe that we will bring this team to a very good place by bringing them together and gaining the sense of teamwork.”


Telling Mario Balotelli, who reacted after leaving the game and physically attacked his teammate, Samet Aybaba said, “He always reacts, it’s okay. We’ll see what he said, what he didn’t say. Professional team has instruction. We’ll see,” he said. Stating that he met with Belhanda and Mario Balotelli on weekdays, Aybaba continued as follows:

“I told Balotelli to walk between the two 18 lines. I spoke to both of them during the week. I made Belhanda the captain. I wanted him to take responsibility. We are trying to bring both of our players to the team, to football. Their quality is obvious. What needs to be discussed is their performance. I’ve always said about ten. After each match, we evaluate what we see on the field as good or bad. This team needs every player.”


İttifak Holding Konyaspor Technical Director İlhan Palut said at the press conference right after the match that he saw 1 point from Adana Demirspor as a good win.

Itifak Holding Konyaspor Technical Director İlhan Palut, who made a statement to the press members and answered the questions at the end-of-match press conference, said, “We made a good start in the 3rd match of the league. We wanted to leave here with a good result. We had in mind that Adana Demirspor would also react. Adana Demirspor started the match very eagerly. Until the 23rd minute, Adana Demirspor was the sole judge in the match. The second half had a balanced game. After the changes, there was a Konyaspor that was more in the rival goal. After the golden, our team reacted very well and we caught 1-1. I can’t say that we are in a very good day. When we look at the game in general terms, I see the 1 point we got from Adana Demirspor as a good win.”


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