British Prime Minister Boris Johnson described the explosion in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul, where Hamid Karzai International Airport is located, as a “barbaric terrorist attack” and said that his country will continue evacuation operations. It was claimed that in the British Embassy in Kabul, there were also documents belonging to the Afghan personnel working for the UK, as well as those who applied for the job.

It was also stated that the Taliban troops were walking around the building and posing for journalists with the documents left behind by the personnel trying to leave the country. As a result of phone calls made with the numbers in the documents belonging to 7 Afghan embassy employees, it was understood that some of them broke up with their families at the Kabul airport.

Social media users questioned the State Department’s inability to keep people safe as soon as this incident happened, “Are you trying to kill people on purpose?” he reacted. Those who said this behavior of embassy staff was “stupid” argued that the first thing they should do was destroy the documents or take them with them.

It was stated that the British government clearly cares about neither the Afghan people nor the fate of those under the Taliban regime, in order to irresponsibly leave the documents.

A source from the government thanked the Times newspaper for sharing these documents and claimed that the personnel and their families, who were found to be outside the Kabul airport, were found and rescued. The fate of 2 people who applied for a job, which is among the documents scattered at the embassy building, is unknown.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that about 15,000 people were evacuated from Afghanistan by British troops, while the UK still needs to evacuate about 2,000 Afghan translators and other personnel from Afghanistan.


British Prime Minister Johnson: Barbaric terrorist attack


Biden; “Yes, there have been cases where our soldiers contacted their Taliban counterparts and said, ‘A bus is coming with so many people, we want you to give permission to this bus or this group.’ I can’t say. In such cases, a list of people on the buses is given.” gave the answer.

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