Galatasaray Coach Fatih Terim made statements after the Hatayspor match.

Here are Fatih Terim’s statements…


“We started the game with a 1-0 defeat. This is how we usually start lately. Our comeback was good, but we missed a lot of goals, especially in the first half. We can summarize it as follows. We tried to play what we thought and what plan we had for 75 minutes, and we played well. After that, when we took the second striker and Ömer, we started to play a little differently. This was our plan B. We got into 8-10 positions with our plan A, plenty of it. We were not shooting from the ball or the side ball for a long time when we said we got the draw, missed the win. Luyindama’s goal “The team that should have won was Galatasaray, which was the truth. 3 points was the most important one.”


“Believe me, some of us have jet-lag. You go to Scotland, Giresun, Denmark. 30 degree temperature difference, 1-2 hour difference, we play once in 3 days. Despite this, if this team plays this game for 75 minutes, we win. Congratulations to my players. They didn’t give up, they shouldn’t. We will play better, everyone can be sure. Today’s 3 points are valuable. Sometimes goals may come from set pieces, sometimes corners may come from free kicks, but the point is to win. We played well today. We used many corners, we shot, we scored We did it. Our pass percentage was higher in the first half. I think it was a good match. And of course, the Olympic Stadium, psychologically the wind is one and the other. It’s the same for both sides. And it seems like it’s not over. Despite that, we managed to win, thank goodness. It’s important for us …”


“(Morutan transfer) It continues. Galatasaray fans should not worry. Our president, our administration, we continue. We will inform them firsthand without waiting, but I hope he and the others are in the natural philosophy of Galatasaray, in this year’s structuring, forward-looking. “There are talented and young players in the planning. This number will continue. Some of the players will come out, some will come. I like Morutan. Thanks to the FCSB President, he also makes the necessary explanations. Let them rest. We will announce many more names to make them happy.”

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