Metin Yiğit (50) died as a result of the fire opened by Mahmut S. (63) with a rifle in the debate that broke out due to the debt-debt dispute between the 4 partners who were selling sacrificial animals in Isparta. The other two partners who escaped were unharmed. The gendarmerie detained the murder suspect.


Operation against PKK/YPG: 7 detentions

The incident took place at around 19.00 in the food house next to the Isparta Municipality Waste Water Treatment Plant located in Yazısöğüt village of the center. Allegedly, Metin Yiğit, one of the 4 partners who bought and sold livestock before Eid al-Adha, took his other 2 partners and came to his other partner Mahmut S. with his own light commercial vehicle with 32 LE 460 plate. In front of the arbor next to the Besihane, 4 partners started talking among themselves. Arguing with his other partners, who wanted their share of the animals they sold, Mahmut S. allegedly got angry and went home. After a while, Mahmut S. took his rifle and shot towards Metin Yiğit’s legs. Metin Yiğit, whose kneecap was shattered by the pellets coming out of the rifle, remained motionless on the ground, while the other 2 people fled away.

Once the news was given, the gendarmerie and medical teams came to the scene. Medical teams determined that Metin Yiğit died. After the investigation by the prosecutor on duty, Metin Yiğit’s body was taken to the morgue of Isparta City Hospital for autopsy. Mahmut S., on the other hand, surrendered to the gendarmerie with a rifle. An investigation into the incident has been launched.

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