Athlete Jack Woolley, who competed in Ireland’s men’s 58 kg category, was one of the names that could not take a medal home. Announcing that he was attacked on his social media account, Woolley announced that he was covered in blood.

The 22-year-old athlete was the first taekwondo Olympic athlete in her country. Woolley, who revealed that she was attacked with a post on her Instagram account, was attacked so violently that she will have to undergo plastic surgery as a result.

Describing the night of the incident, the young athlete said, “Last night I went to have dinner with my friends. Then a few people came to the bar. A gang of 8 to 12 men and women, who I guessed were in their 20s, started attacking people.”

 The person who punched her later apologized and said, “Wrong person. It’s my fault,” Wolley said.

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