Alexander Sörloth, who was the top scorer in the Super League during his time in Trabzonspor and enthralled the hearts of the burgundy blue fans, was bombarded with intense messages.

Trabzonspor supporters took action for the Norwegian player. Sörloth made a post on her Instagram account today. Bordeaux Blue fans wrote “Come to Trabzonspor” messages under the player’s post. The comments made by the fans under the post exceeded 1 million in the evening.

“They got my phone number”

The Norwegian striker spoke to TV 2 broadcasting in Norway about what happened. Sörloth said“I changed my phone number due to incoming messages. I turned off Instagram notifications. They took my phone number”.

Sörloth, who is claimed to be returning to the Black Sea team, is getting a lot of messages from the fans. Sörloth, who seems uncomfortable with the situation, said, “Please stop calling and texting me. This situation makes my life very stressful. That’s enough”.

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