In the green-red team, which has no candidates other than Chairman Turgay Büyükkarcı, the start of incorporation will be given at the meeting to be held on June 15.

While the date of the ordinary general assembly meeting, which was postponed due to the corona virus last year in Karşıyaka, was set to be 3-4 July, the community, which also focused on the corporate agenda of the football branch, will spend an active summer. The congress, the first date of which was announced as 26-27 June, will be held on the weekend of 3-4 July at the Karşıyaka Municipality Bostanlı Suat Taşer Theater with corona virus measures, as a legal majority will not be achieved. On the first day, at 15.00, the agenda items other than the elections will be discussed, and on the second day, the agenda will be discussed between 10:00 and 15:00.

For the Green-Red people, no one has declared his candidacy for the presidency of the club before the congress, except for the current president, Turgay Büyükkarcı. The start of the incorporation project of the football branch, developed by more than 350 people from within the community with a budget of 100 million TL to be collected in exchange for 4 thousand shares, will be given at the meeting to be held on Tuesday, June 15, in the evening. /strong>
In the event that the company project is accepted by the members at the general assembly on 3-4 July, a separate incorporation congress is expected to be held and then submitted to the Football Federation for approval when the process is completed. As the new season starts in September in the 3rd League, where Karşıyaka takes part in football, the internal transfer negotiations of the current staff will be made by the elected management. Regarding the transfer ban, it is envisaged to take a step when the incorporation process is completed. Kaf-Kaf will try to open the transfer until the beginning of the season if the congress members approve the incorporation.

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