The new era begins in Eskişehirspor! Mehmet Şimşek was elected as the Chairman at the Eskişehirspor congress.

104 out of 509 delegates attended the congress, which was held at Hasan Polatkan Cultural Center with a single list.

Şimşek, who was elected as the chairman by receiving the votes of all the delegates, thanked those who took the responsibility when the club could not even find a manager in his speech here.

Indicating that the Council of the Court has been working day and night for the last 2 months, Şimşek said:

“The reason why we aspire to the position is the love of Eskişehirspor. There is no me, there is only us. We are fans who know how to chase after colors, not success. We are the soldiers who are ready to fight to get rid of it. I invite everyone who values ​​this emblem to be united, to be us. Let’s all write the story of Eskişehirspor’s resurrection and show it to the whole country. “We resign from all my duties. We, as one, will break this blockade.”

After his speech, Şimşek received his mandate from the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ali Çelikoğlu.

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