Speaking to reporters before training at Cengiz Aydoğan Facilities, Korkmaz said that he has made a good start to his Alanyaspor career.

Stressing that he wants to continue this, Korkmaz noted that he has a good group of players, but sometimes there can be ups and downs in football.

Noting that they are preparing for the Göztepe match, Korkmaz noted that their opponents have changed the game system, but they want to leave the field with a good fight and win.

Noting that they could not play a good game against Fenerbahçe in the first half, Korkmaz said, “We played better in the second half. We played well against Galatasaray. There is no need to motivate the team in such matches. Because they are the teams that play for the championship. The players of each team have different motivations against them. Therefore, we prepare for the match by analyzing the opponent and applying it after the analysis. Our players are trying to apply this in the match.” used the expressions.

“What is your goal this year?” On the question of Korkmaz, “I do not have Europe in my goal. There is a match. I do not set a long goal. We learned this in Turkey. We think match by match and act.” he said.

Explaining that the team should think about defense when they lose the ball and attack when they win, Korkmaz said, “The team started to make these mental transitions and reactions gradually. Coaches want to win every match, but sometimes it happens, sometimes not. Every match has a different scenario. You play with different teams. We are preparing accordingly.” he said.

On the other hand, Aytemiz Alanyaspor continued the preparations for the Göztepe match. In the training under the management of coach Bülent Korkmaz, the football players did the work of catching the ball. Afterwards, a closed-door tactical training was held.

Before the training, the birthday of football player Oğuz Aydın was celebrated.

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