At the press conference held after the match, Korkmaz congratulated his players for playing well.

Stating that it was a very enjoyable match, Korkmaz said, “We have to play the first 20 minutes. We could not play the game we wanted in the first 20 minutes. After that, and especially in the second half, there was a great game. Of course, I congratulate the group of players who did this on the field, and everyone who entered and exited.” he said.

Explaining that they are working on offensive options, especially between the national matches, Korkmaz said, “I am pleased to practice this on the field today, but we need to keep concentration. Because football is a very different game. When you fall out of the game, it leads to different results. Despite everything, it is enjoyable and we get the win we deserve. We got it.” used the expressions.

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