The 28-year-old midfielder transferred from Galatasaray signed a one-year contract at the ceremony held at Cengiz Aydoğan Facilities.

In his speech, Alanyaspor Club President Hasan Çavuşoğlu said that they added Emre Akbaba, who won championships in Alanyaspor and later transferred to Galatasaray, to their squad for this season.

Explaining that Emre made a very good start in both the national team and Galatasaray, Çavuşoğlu said, “Unfortunately, he suffered from unfortunate injuries. I hope he will not suffer from injuries in the next period.” he said.

Thanking Galatasaray for facilitating the transfer, Çavuşoğlu said, “Emre Akbaba needs to make a debut again. Emre will catch it again. I believe he will both rise to the national team and return to the club in a good way. I thank you.” used the expressions.

Çavuşoğlu wished the new agreement to be beneficial and auspicious for both Emre and Alanyaspor.

 Emre Akbaba: “I hope we will have a great season with my team”

Emre Akbaba thanked President Çavuşoğlu for considering him worthy of Alanyaspor.

Expressing that he asked permission from Galatasaray Technical Director Fatih Terim during the transfer process, Emre Akbaba said, “Thanks to him, he gave me permission to come back here again and catch the exit. I want to show myself again this season and catch the exit. I think the right address here is Alanya. I care about this place very much. And I feel comfortable here. I hope we have a very good season with my team. We have very good quality players and we will finish the season in a very good place.” evaluated.

Emre Akbaba stated that his Galatasaray career did not go as he expected due to injuries, and he wanted to get the same chance again and make good use of it.

Emphasizing that there were times when he performed well in Galatasaray in the 3-year period, Emre said:

“I signed a new contract at the beginning of the season. Then I had the Kovid-19 period. It was heavy. This threw me back. My goal was to be permanent, but this year there was a lot of transfer in Galatasaray. I made such a decision because I wanted to play. “I chose Alanyaspor to buy it. After all, I came here on loan. My goal is to play well here and come back again. Of course, we cannot know the next process.”

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