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Trabzonspor made a very harsh statement for Halis Özkahya, the referee of the match they played with Alanyaspor. The morale is low in Trabzonspor, which lost 2 critical points on the way to the championship in the match with 10 players and lost its chance to rise to the leadership.

The explanation is as follows:

“There has been a need to make a statement about Halis Özkahya, who directly affected the course of the match by showing our football player Hüseyin Türkmen a red card in the Aytemiz Alanyaspor match we played yesterday.

Our club; In the Gaziantep FK match we played on Saturday, March 7, 2020, Halis Özkahya, who canceled Abdülkadir Ömür’s regular goal and coveted the efforts of our football players, the joy of our community, and the coffers of our club, described Halis Özkahya as “the disgrace of Turkish football”. Anyone who feels a sense of belonging to another person, group or group should be immediately removed from Turkish football and expelled!” said.

We especially want it to be known that; Even though the MHK, who dared to put Halis Özkahya in the match of our Trabzonspor after about 570 days, is not ashamed, we, as Trabzonspor Club, are ashamed of the accuracy and justification of this statement we made and that it has been registered in front of the eyes of all of Turkey once again!

We are ashamed on behalf of all those who work in football, on behalf of the entire football family who work hard on and off the field!

Halis Özkahya, the disgrace of Turkish football, who once again coveted the efforts of our football players, the joy of our community and the coffers of our club, by dismissing Hüseyin Türkmen with an unfair red card in the Alanyaspor match we played yesterday, is nothing but an extras.

Our club; In a statement made on the same date, “As Trabzonspor Club, our struggle is with this system, with the foci trying to turn the immorality wheel of this system, and with vile and parasitic individuals who have taken their place in each wheel!” said.

We repeat; As Trabzonspor Club, our fight is with this mentality that shelters, protects, strengthens and uses thieves. Despite being spit in their face, they are with people who are so brazen as to say “O Lord, Thank God” and with dark centers that still contain these people in the referee community.

We know and see that; Halis Özkahya is not alone in this system. There is someone who commissions Him, activates Him, directs and directs Him. There are people who have taken their place in this dark system, trying to hinder the rise of Trabzonspor and hiding behind closed doors and making despicable plans.

However, they should also know that; They are facing a Trabzonspor community, with its management, coach, football player and supporters, advancing towards the championship with one heart!

We invite everyone to understand these facts with great care and pay our respects to the public.

Ömer Sağıroğlu – General Secretary of Trabzonspor Club”

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