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In the second week of the Super League, Trabzonspor hosted Sivasspor. The match was completed with the 2-1 advantage of the home team.

Trabzonspor Coach Abdullah Avci, who made a statement after the match, said that they were happy to win.


Avcı, “We had the ball today. We wanted to create an area with the opponent’s man-to-man, low-contact game and pass returns. We had attacking options that we worked on. We had to take a position in the middle of the game directly. and we played this against a team that scored in the middle of the last 6 games. We played by dominating the penalty part of the game. Then we could actually break the game. A mature and experienced team like us needs to play a more balanced game. The game turned into a transition, the distances started to get too long. If you can’t finish the pass, the opponent it stays like 4-2-4. This time you have to run to both sides. This game is not the right game for us. It seems like we didn’t give a lot of positions there, but like us, the team shouldn’t have run more than 2 kilometers from the opponent in the first half. Again in the second half We need to act by taking the game in our hands, using the options correctly, playing patiently, waiting for the opponent until the last moment. rdu. We found 2, missed the others. In the last episode, we did not find the two of them. When it was 2-1, we wanted to score again. There are also parts where we played the game very well in the second half so that we can throw another one. I’m happy that we won,” he said.

Avcı, “Congratulations to my players. I will pay attention and follow up in the next process. I am an honest person all my life. I do not want to react instantly, I confirm later that there is nothing wrong. Until now, I have always been careful. I was and didn’t speak. Our penalty, penalty. You win a right penalty, you fall unfairly. The pressure is renewed by the referee. The referee also obeys this in the field and the game starts to fluctuate. The game is coming out of the game. Just like I am studying today, if the club is making big sacrifices here, I will hit the road. If we are going out, you will show Uğurcan a yellow card in 94-odd times without giving any warning. You will know the players and the coaches. You will know very well what the players inside are. If it’s a penalty Sivasspor’s is a penalty, Djaniny’s is a better penalty than him. Let them get out. After that. I will follow. Only that means that I follow. I say this as a winning coach,” said. >

Abdullah Avcı stated that Abdulkadir Finger, who is not in the squad, had a flu infection and said that the player with whom he had previously interviewed would not go to another team during the transfer.

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