Team games started this week at Masterchef. In the competition where the blue and red teams competed fiercely, the red team became the smiling side of the week. The red team, which has never lost, thus did not make a qualifying candidate. Except for Hasan and Fatma from the blue team, all the competitors competed.

On the first qualifying night of the season, in the first stage, the contestants were given white cheese as the main product and asked to make a creative meal. Safanur, Tunahan and Burcu were the names who successfully passed this tour and survived the elimination.

The dish requested from Hamza, Görkem and Tahsin in the second stage of the MasterChef elimination night was the signature dish of Danilo chef. The contestants, who listened to the details of this dish called Ragiz, from the chef, showed all their talents and tried to make the closest dish.

At the end of the time, Tahsin’s was the most successful of the dishes that the chefs tasted. Hamza took the second place. Görkem, who had the weakest plate of the night, was the first eliminated name of the season in MasterChef.

Görkem could not hold back her tears after learning that she was eliminated. Stating that ‘he came through difficult ways’, Görken said, “I came on my own, I did not receive any education. I learned by working and working. It is a difficult place. I tried to do my best. I was not expecting, I’m sorry chief”.


He was hiding it from everyone… The painful story of the famous chef was revealed

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