Korkmaz made statements at the press conference held after the match they won 1-0 at Türk Telekom Stadium.

Stating that Galatasaray came out of the match with the morale of the victory against Lazio in the UEFA Europa League, Korkmaz used the following statements:

“Galatasaray got a very important and well-deserved win with a very good game during the week. They came up to us with his morale and motivation. We knew that it would be a difficult process for us. We needed to prevent our team, especially the runners, and show the same reaction against them. “We did this. They narrowed it down very well in terms of defense. If we had been more careful with our passes when we were attacking, we could have entered more positions, but these things happen in football. The important thing was to leave here with a win. I think our players deserved the win both with the football they played and their struggles. They felt that Congratulations.”

Bülent Korkmaz, when asked about the allegations that he had an argument with Galatasaray Coach Fatih Terim and his bench during the match, said, “I am a former player of Galatasaray. There is nothing as normal as talking to Fatih teacher during the match. One coach is talking to the other. A discussion between me and Fatih teacher. It didn’t work out. I don’t have the personality to disrespect a coach, Fatih Terim. I don’t show any disrespect to any of my colleagues.” he said.

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