In the UEFA European Cups draw in Istanbul, Lorik Cana, one of the former players of Galatasaray, also drew the Conference League together with Nihat Kahveci.

“I’m glad I went, MUSLERA COME”

Speaking about Muslera, Cana said, “At that time, it was an opportunity for me to go to another big club. Thanks to this, Fernando Muslera came to Galatasaray. When you look now, we see that it was a good choice. Muslera came here (laughing). He has been playing for Galatasaray for many years. He makes great contributions to the club and I have great respect for him.”

Speaking to Fanatik, Cana said, “Of course I watch it. I don’t miss every match in the league, but I don’t miss derbies. I follow their matches in Europe more. For Galatasaray, the goal is always the summit. Last season, they lost the championship with goal average. Maybe the Champions League. ‘They couldn’t stay, but even though such big clubs go down for 1-2 years, they will recover later. he used the expressions.

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