Abimael Guzman, who was captured in Peru in 1992 and known as the founder of the Bright Way organization, died in prison.

The head of the National Prison Institute (INPE), Susana Silva, confirmed in a statement that Guzman, who had long-term health problems, died in prison in the city of Callao.

It was shared that Guzman, who was taken to the morgue to determine the cause of death, deteriorated on July 13, was transferred to the hospital on July 20 and was discharged on August 5.

It was reported that Guzman, whose health condition deteriorated again a few days ago, was examined by a doctor from the Ministry of Health.


Born in 1934 in Molleno town of Arequipa, Peru, Guzman is considered the founder and leader of the Shining Path organization, one of the bloodiest organizations in the country’s history.

Guzman was captured in the Surquillo district of the capital Lima on September 12, 1992, during an operation conducted by the National Anti-Terrorism Directorate.


According to the estimations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (CVR), more than 70,000 people died in Peru in the 10-year period from 1980-1990, due to terrorist acts and counter-terrorism operations.

The Aydınlık Yol organization increased its power in the region since the 1970s and started to carry out armed struggle actions in the 1980s. Claiming to be waging a “people’s war”, the Maoist organization aimed to build communism in Peru under the leadership of Guzman.

Thanks to the state’s effective operations since the 1990s, the leading leaders of the organization were caught and the remaining members were scattered in the small cocaine producing areas of the Apurimac Valley in the south of the country.

The arrest and imprisonment of Guzman, one of the founders of the organization, and 10 important members in April 2002 brought the Shining Path to its end.

The capture of Edgar Mejia, one of the top commanders of the organization, and Florindo Flores in an operation in Peru on October 14, 2010, were recorded as the last major blow to the Shining Path.

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