At the ceremony held at Atilla Vehbi Guest Facilities, Crivelli signed the signature linking himself to the colors red and white.

Antalyaspor Board Member Aytaç Altay, who attended the signing ceremony, wished Crivelli, which they rented with the option to purchase, to be beneficial to the team.

Altay said that they completed the transfer 90 percent with Crivelli.

Crivelli stated that he is happy to come to Antalya. Stating that they will fight for the success of the team, Crivelli stated that he wants to contribute to Antalyaspor to finish the league in the best rank.

Explaining that he has been warmly welcomed by both the team and the people of Antalya since the day he arrived, Crivelli said, “There were other clubs that were interested, but the coach of no club called me and showed how enthusiastic he was, as in Antalya. That’s why I never felt so close to any club.” he said.

Noting that he did not have any problems with his coach in Başakşehir, Crivelli said, “I would like to thank my friends and the technical team there. We had good days, we enjoyed the championship. I performed very well in the first year, but I had a bad season last year. My purpose for coming to Antalyaspor is Başakşehir.” To repeat and even build on my first season in the UK to achieve greater success.” he said.

Crivelli stated that he personally did not set goals for himself.

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