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Volkan Demirel, commented on the beIN Sports screens, evaluated the Galatasaray’s 1-0 loss to Alanyaspor. The legendary name infuriated the yellow-red fans with his comments about Galatasaray’s new transfer. “ALANYASPOR PLAYED CORRECTLY””Galatasaray fans are used to starting with pressure in their stadium, this team could not provide the pressure and the first half was without a position, the first position was almost 70. The thought on the mind of Bulent coach in Alanyaspor was to take the score 0-0,” he said. Alanyaspor played the right game. Morutan is a little on the right, with the numbers 10 and 8, I think he doesn’t know how to play there properly, I think he will be more effective in the normal position.” There are too many issues to think about, Fatih Terim, his team and management will solve it as soon as possible. midfielders can’t make a lot of passes. Gives back, gives back. Taylan scored one in the past but will score in 1 of 10 games. Infiltration runs, man reduction, I can’t wait for this trio. It’s like Taylan, Berkan and Cicaldau.” “DEFENSE WITHOUT MARCAO IS DIFFICULT””Galatasaray had a more organized defensive line in Lazio match, Marcao’s goal was defeated today, there is a mistake made by the defender 4, Ömer made an error. It’s the technical team that needs to figure it out. It seems like it will cause Galatasaray to suffer more in a defense without Marcao. “Anyone who plays in the Romanian League for 6-7 years goes to Serie A. I don’t think he is a very good football player.”

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