The accident occurred at around 00.30 in Seyhan District 666/5 Street. Allegedly, the car with license plate of 35 DA 2023 under the administration of Ali Akça flew into the stream, passing the iron barriers as a result of the driver entering the wrong street. While the car that rolled over was standing upside down in the creek, the surrounding citizens who saw the accident reported the situation to the health, police and fire crews. Fire crews, who came upon the notice, removed the stuck driver Ali Akça with their intervention, while 3 people in the passenger position in the car came out with their own means. As a result of the accident, the driver Ali Akça, Samet İnce, Nevzat Şanlı and Kadir Yılmaztürk were injured. While Samet İnce and Kadir Yılmaztürk were treated as outpatients at the scene, Ali Akça and Nevzat Şanlı Health Sciences University (SBU) Bozyaka Training and Research Hospital were taken. It was learned that Ali Akça, who was treated at the hospital, is in danger of life, and Nevzat Şanlı is in good health.

“There was no warning sign”

On the other hand, Kadir Yılmaztürk, who survived the accident with minor injuries, said, “We were sitting in our office, we were going to have fun with my friends. Ali Akça took the wheel, the friends were going straight, I said ‘turn left’. Friends said ‘turn right’, driver Ali also entered right. He came here, there was no warning sign here. Ali Akça threw into second gear, we said ‘stop’, but it was too late, we had a backflip here.” said.


On the other hand, Samet İnce, who was treated as an outpatient at the scene, said, “There is nothing to say, a friend came, the car crashed and passed. Our cars are used to crashing like this, thank God your health condition is good. Look what the car has become, we passed the circle of fate three times. ‘ he said.

While the investigation into the accident was continuing, the car flying into the stream was removed from the scene with the help of a tow truck.

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