Ali Şen, who was the chairman of Fenerbahçe in 1994-1998, made statements that fell like a bomb on the agenda.

Ali Şen, in an interview with Sabah Newspaper, talked about Fatih Terim’s meeting with Fenerbahçe and the details of this meeting.

Here are Ali Şen’s statements;

“I’ve known him since his footballing years. Fatih Terim is one of the best coaches in Turkey. I want to explain something to you for the first time; I made an offer to Fatih Terim to coach Fenerbahçe during my presidency. I called him and made an offer. On the day you were found, he said to me I agreed with Galatasaray yesterday.. So if I had called the day before, Fatih would have been in Fenerbahçe.”

Ali Şen claimed that Fenerbahçe will be the champion this year, and he said: “I had a dream, that someone from the Koç Family would be president of Fenerbahçe. I really wanted the late Mustafa or Ali Koç to be president. It’s hard to be president in Fenerbahce because the community is huge. You can’t satisfy everyone either. Ali Koç’s job is not easy in this respect either. Fenerbahce hasn’t been a champion for 3 years. If it’s not 2 years, there is a problem in the community, now that it hasn’t been for 3 years, voices have risen, Criticism against Ali Koç has started, but I believe that we will be champions this year. He will definitely be champion. I believe wholeheartedly. Fenerbahce has signed very high quality transfers. It has a very good staff. Fenerbahce will be champion under Ali Koç’s presidency. Fenerbahce is one heart with all our fans. We are with you.”.

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