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At a press conference held online, Davidson drew attention to the importance of the 1-1 away score in the first match, saying, “It is a great job for a club like us to challenge Galatasaray. Many people interested in sports are aware of how good a result this is. Again. It will be very difficult but we have to fight until the end and give ourselves a chance to get a good result.” When compared to a team like Galatasaray, which has won the UEFA Cup and UEFA Super Cup in its history, and has millions of fans, St. Stating that Johnstone is a club with 2,700 season tickets, Davidson noted that if they pass the tour, they will achieve an extraordinary success. Expressing that Galatasaray is undoubtedly the favorite and this puts pressure on the yellow-red team, the Scottish coach said, “And we need to enjoy the situation. We will try to do that tomorrow as well. If we do the right things and we perform well, it gives us a chance.” used the phrases.

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