Russian President Vladimir Putin caused the opposition’s reaction with the decree he issued before the Duma elections, the lower house of the Russian parliament, on September 19th. With the decree issued by Putin, it was decided to pay a bonus of 15 thousand rubles (1700 TL) to all army and law enforcement personnel next month, while opposition party representatives described it as “election bribery”.

While it was stated that the payment will be made only once, it was stated that police college and military students can also benefit from the payment. While it was stated that the payments would be made under the name of “protection of social needs”, many opposition media outlets claimed that they took such a decision to collect votes for the United Russia Party, founded by Putin, in the September 19 election. The Russian Liberal Democratic Party and the Russian Communist Party also reacted to the decision.


Omsk Deputy of the Russian Communist Party, Oleg Smolin, reacted to the decree signed by Putin, defending it as an election bribe. Smolin said that they had previously submitted proposals to the parliament on this issue and to increase the salaries of retirees.

Smolin, criticizing Putin, who signed the decision, argued that there would be no change in the economic and social situation of the soldiers and police after these elections, using the expressions “The initiative of the President was clearly arranged to coincide with the election time”.

Aleksandr Sherin, one of the MPs of the Russian Liberal Democratic Party, stated that this decision should be expanded and argued that these balance payments should be made to the war veterans in Russia. Sherin announced that he sent a letter to Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova to take a decision in this direction.

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