İttifak Holding Konyaspor Technical Director İlhan Palut stated that he thinks the away match against Sivasspor on Monday, August 16th in the first week of the Super League will be both difficult and enjoyable for them.

Palut, whose explanations are included on the club’s website, drew attention to the difficulty of the first matches in the league.

Wishing the new season to be a good one for Konyaspor and all teams, Palut said, “I hope we will have a year without injury, accident and trouble. We will face Sivasspor in the first match. The first matches of the league are both exciting and difficult. We also have a long preparation. Then we enter the league week.

Our preparations continue. I think the Sivasspor match will be both enjoyable and difficult for us. Because it’s clear what Sivasspor has been doing in the league for two seasons with its settled staff. They are currently playing the European Cup. It is a team whose rhythm has increased with 4 official matches.”.

Palut stated that they wanted to put up a good fight in Sivas and continued as follows:

“There is a game we also want to play. We will try to play it in Sivas. We have to fight very well in the first place. We aim to leave there with a good fight and the game we want.”


Explaining that they miss playing matches with spectators, İlhan Palut said:

“We really missed the movement of the fans when we went on the attack. We, as Konyaspor, will start away and meet our fans in a week. I think a situation in the nature of football will have come true, albeit late.

Hopefully, there will be no going back at this pandemic point and the number of viewers, which is 50 percent today, will increase to 100 percent in the coming days. In this way, more enjoyable matches are played in our league. We always welcome their support. We want them to trust the team. We hope that we will make them happy with the struggle we will show on the field and the good results we will get.”

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