Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar came with Chief of General Staff Gen. Güler and Land Forces Commander General Avsever, and was greeted by Governor Mehmet Emin Bilmez, 2nd Army Commander Gen. Metin Gurak and other officials at the airport in Van.

From here, Akar and the commanders made inspections along the border line by helicopter and then went to the Kocaçukur Tepe observation post at the zero point, at an altitude of 2,618.

Mehmetçik, who examined the measures taken on the spot and received information about the activities, asked Akar about the situation in the field and replied, “Neither terrorists nor illegal immigrants can enter our country while we are here.”

Akar and the Commanders then moved on to the Hangedik Base Area at an altitude of 2,430. Minister Akar, who received a border extension, entrusted the Turkish Flag to the 2nd Border Division Commander. The Company Commander kissed the Turkish Flag entrusted to him and received it.

The investigations and inspections of Akar and Commanders in the region continue.


‘Together we are stronger’ US helicopters in Dalaman

Source: AA yeni adresi oldu. kısa süre önce değişen adresini kullanabilirsiniz. ancak daha kaliteli bahis için betpas platformunu öneriyoruz.

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