A signing ceremony was held in Altay, one of the Super League teams, for the re-signed coach Mustafa Denizli and the transferred players before the 2021-2022 season.

Speaking at the collective signing ceremony held at Gaziemir Governor Kutlu Aktaş Facilities, club president Özgür Ekmekçioğlu said that it is an honor and pride for them to be together with Mustafa Denizli for another season.

Expressing that the signature they signed with the experienced coach last season is valid forever, Ekmekçioğlu said:

“We will repeat this with a new ceremony, but for us as an Altay, our beloved coach is a legend of our club. As an Altay, I am very excited. It is every Altay’s dream to be with him at the table. I thank him for continuing with us.”



Ekmekçioğlu stated that they struggled for a long time for the new names they added to their cadres, “We made a deep list study. We tried to agree with names that would contribute to us and will be with us for many years. We are planning 1 or 2 more transfers.”

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Technical director Mustafa Denizli also stated that the signing ceremony they held was a formality, “The promises made by those who grew up in this community are valid, not the signatures. It was like that in the past, it’s the same now. Last season, when our club needed me, I returned to the club and went with them. We reached our goal by fighting.”


Noting that they added many names they had planned before the season to their squad, and that 1-2 transfers did not take place, Denizli thanked the board of directors for their work.

Denizli stated that they will fight against opponents who are very important in the league, He said, “This signature is only a formality, what matters is the promises made.”.

After the speeches, a signing ceremony was held with Mustafa Denizli and new names joining the team.

Altay has signed with Iranian Mohammad Naderi, Polish goalkeeper Mateusz Lis, Ivory Coast football players Serge Arnaud Aka and Daouda Karamoko Bamba, Chilean Martin Rodriguez and Cesar Pinares, Sweden Eric Björkander, Brazilian Thaciano Mickael da Silva and Ceyhun Gülselam. announced that he transferred.

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