The top scorer in the Süper Lig last season, Aaron Boupendza evaluated his first season in Turkey and stated that he was very excited for the new season. The Gabonese striker also stated that he received a lot of messages from Fenerbahçe fans on Instagram.

Boupendza’s statement, “Last season, my best match was the match in which I scored 4 goals against Antalyaspor. There were people in the city who wanted to stop me and take pictures all the time. That’s when I realized that the fans are really different in Turkey. It didn’t bother me, on the contrary, I like to know that people trust me. I want to get my jersey a little more wet for them.


Even when there were no spectators at the matches, the fans were there to congratulate us at the exit. I can’t wait to play in a normal atmosphere in Turkey. I hope all the fans come back soon. But I spend a lot of time on Instagram, Fenerbahçe fans have a transfer interest, I got used to it.

I am happy in Hatay. It is one of the cities with the best cuisine in Turkey, the weather is nice, the people are friendly, it is a complete family city. Syria is not far but you feel safe. Christians and Muslims live comfortably together. I feel at home.


I am a player who likes to be challenged, Hatayspor’s project also attracted me. They wanted to transfer many good players such as Traore, Diouf, Munir. I also asked Lemina, Poko, Appindangoye questions about Turkey. They also told me to accept, because the Super League is a very good league and I can show myself.

The Super League is really tough, there is a struggle until the last game. We were 4 points behind Sivasspor and missed Europe, it’s a very busy league. High quality of physical, athletic endurance. In terms of adaptation, I did not find it difficult. There are a lot of French-speaking players in the locker room. A good season ended, we finished 6th and I returned to the national team.


When I first saw Aubameyang on the field, I was a ball collector. When I started playing with him in 2019, I said, “7 years ago I was handing you the balls, you were scoring goals and you were rejoicing in front of me, now we share the locker room”. We laughed, we had fun, I am proud to represent my country.”
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