Suspect Hasan Kılıç, who beat the stray dog ​​named “Duman” to death with a stick on the grounds that he attacked his chickens in Istanbul Ataşehir, and was referred to the judge for arrest, was released on the condition of judicial control to cover the rehabilitation costs of the injured dog for 1 year. In addition, a judicial control measure was applied to Kılıç in the form of donating 100 kilograms of food to an animal shelter.

In Ataşehir Ferhatpaşa, stray dogs that the residents call “Smoke” allegedly chased chickens and chicks belonging to Hasan Kılıç. Angered at this, Kılıç beat the dog to death with the stick he took in his hand. Animal lovers in the neighborhood took the injured dog to the vet.


He brutally beat the dog for attacking his chickens!

Hasan Kılıç, who was detained by the police teams yesterday, was released after his statement was taken at the police station. Today, Kılıç was detained again by the order of the prosecutor’s office. Hasan Kılıç, whose procedures at the police station were completed, was brought to the Anatolian Palace of Justice in Kartal.


After taking his statement, the prosecutor’s office was referred to the Criminal Judgeship of Peace with a request for the arrest of the suspect Kılıç for the crime of ‘Breaking the Law on Animals’.


The suspect Kılıç, in his interrogation at the judge’s office, said, “On the day of the incident, I saw that 8 chickens were dead on the ground. While I was trying to take the chicken from the dog’s mouth, the dog came over me. Then I hit the dog and tried to pick it up. The chicken died, it fell to the ground, the dog ran away. I feed the animals myself. “I do not have a situation like deliberately beating the dog. I regret it very much, I demand to be tried pending trial”.


Anatolian Criminal Judgeship of Peace on Duty rejected Kılıç’s arrest request and implemented the judicial control measure in the form of a signature. Judicial control provisions were applied in the Animal Care and Rehabilitation Center to be determined by the Probation Directorate of the dog, which the judge caused the injury, to cover the costs of the injury and rehabilitation after the procedure for 1 year. In addition, the judgeship applied the judicial control measure that the suspect Kılıç provided 100 kilograms of aid to an animal shelter for once within 15 days.

Suspect Kılıç was released with such judicial control measures.

On the other hand, Hasan Kılıç was also imposed an administrative fine of 1,500 liras within the scope of the ‘Animal Protection Law’ no. 5199 during his police proceedings.

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